Thursday, February 24, 2011

I've done a lot of thinking

It has been over a year since my friend, Kaleb, and I said let's make a cartoon. Boy, was it the best decision I ever made in my life, well, next to accepting Christ of course! The concept was basically the same from the beginning. "A variety show travelling the country is in constant battle with rival comedy troupe, hilarity ensues." But how it has changed since then. The characters have quite possiblly changed the most, becoming deeper, more real, appealing, and interesting since their start as basic stereotypes. This year has been extremely important to me, specifically it has supplemented my tastes and helped me realize my overall viewpoint of the world, as of now.

My goal has never been to become popular, but maybe to entertain at least a few people, and give lasting impressions on viewers who love the characters as much as I do. I wanted to do something different than what most people are doing in cartoons nowadays, be it pop culture references, dark characterless humor, (though, I did have a problem with fourth wall breaking at one point.) The staples of such "classics" as Family Guy. Anyway, it has been a long time since I've posted, just thought the four people reading the blog would like to know what's going on in production.

The storyline is almost solid and ready, the characters are eager to be animated, and my hand is reluctant to produce the level quality drawings I want it to. The character's designs are changing all the times, always in hopes of becoming as appealing as I need them to be.

Always learning, always working, everyday brings a new reward, here's to a completed first episode