Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's official

You heard it here folks, I've officialy filed for copyright over everything, or atleast started.
Stay away you thieves!

Color test

Here's Rutherferd and Linda in a color test

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Rutherferd sketch

Here is a more recent interpretation of Rutherferd. Tomorrow, a color test of both Rutherferd AND Linda.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello people

How's it going folks, I'm constantly working at this. It is very amazing to me how fast this series has progressed over the past few months. I've already completed my first gif (with a lot of help from Madeline of course)
I'll post it soon! I promise.

Many changes and advancements to the series as a whole have taken place in the past few weeks in particular. The most noteable changes are the setting of time, I've bumped it up from the eighties into modern day times. I'm quickly learning how my humor is going to play out. I think, or hope would probably be a better word to use, that it will be enjoyable.

Here are the characters in the list so far;

1. Rutherferd Paws, the lead, or so he thinks
2. Linda, the oh so misunderstood writer (she isn't a whiner, don't worry, she's way more interesting)
3. Chuck Fesant, the director, who isn't completely washed up
4. Felix, Chuck's closest friend, and voice of reasoning
5. Roscoe and Erny, the comedy duo who's still got it....whatever it was
5. Garson, our main antagonist, he'll have to learn the hard way that revenge never works like you want it to, and that it really is pointless in the end.

I also have been working on a few side characters that appear everywhere, mostly as comedic fillers, but entertaining none the less.

That's all for now folks

Monday, August 9, 2010

New member, and progress

Well, I'd make a good pun to say that the newest member of our crew is a keeper...
Welcome Keeper! (Ron)
He proves to be a great gag writer, as well as a more than competent voice actor.
And on a side note, my art is all coming together. I'm seeing just how important things like line of action, clear siloughet, and appealing construction work together to create a pose. The character models are constantly being cleaned up into good designs. And I'd just like to take a moment to stop and really thank everyone who's helping my vision become a reallity.
John, you have really prevented me from giving up on this project, you and Madeline Osborne are really dragging the good writer and artist out of me. I want y'all to know just how much I apreciate that, I can hardly put my grattitude into words.
And the people who will really bring this project to life, in a matter of speaking, my animators Mark, and Phill. Without your help, this project would sit for much longer than it should.
and now, Keeper, I want to thank you in advance for any help you give.
And most of all, God, I would have no other inspiration in life to do anything, let alone create a well crafted piece of art.

Gratsi to everyone!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Antagonists

These are the basic personalities for our antagonists

The year is 1929, and Onward Revue is the most popular comedy and acting group in the country.
There are five members to the group; Garson, Felix, Chuck Fesant, Roscoe, and Erny.
Garson is the main Producer, writer, and agent for the group. Garson is smart, very smart.He taught the others in the group nearly everything they know, and has known them basically there whole life, and his. He is like family to them, and knows good writing when he sees it. He is intimidating to others, and likes to keep to himself. Which is why he never performs live in the shows. And even though he is smart, he may be too smart as we will find out in the show. Remember, he is the reason that the group almost dissapeared entirely.
The next member is Felix. If you know what Chuck is like, you'll know that Felix is very much like him, not brothers, but close. He is kind, gentle, but rough looking. He isn't as daring as Chuck is, and avoids confrontation at all costs. He knows what is right, but simply doesn't want to disappoint anyone he looks up to, no matter what they do. Especially Garson. When it comes to trying to back away from something he doesn't feel is right, he may retreat, and not want to upset the person who is causing the problem.
Chuck is almost the opposite in that area. He knows what's right, and he does what's right even if it means compromising his relationship with those closest to him. He is made happy by the people that surround him. He doesn't expect much from anybody, but likes to believe the best in everyone around him. As much as he'd like for everyone to do what is right, and fair. He knows that that isn't always the case. His life was hard, and he takes dissapointment for face value, they did something wrong, they aren't sorry for what they did, and would easily do the same thing twice, he may forgive them in the end. He easily forgives anybody, but can't always return to the situation before. He is responsible for his actions. He is strong, even in his old age, like a rock.
The last two characters of the antagonists are the real comedians, Rosco and Erny. They were as funny as the Marx Brothers, if not funnier at the time. They grew up together as brothers, and stick together no matter what. They are in sync, even in their old age, when Erny is slightly deaf, he always understands Roscoe, when he can't understand anyone else fully. Erny is made happy by the small things in life, he's cheerful, and sweet. You almost wonder why he's part of the antagonists. Roscoe is also like that, but sharper, and a little more competent in his activities.
I'll explain the story behind the group another time. However, I will say this. Chuck leaves the group because of Garson, and tried to get the group to leave with him. As much as they wanted to, they didn't, they didn't because they respected Garson as their Mentor too much, even though what he was doing to them was detrimental. The group struggles up until Garson changes the entire face of their recently founded movie studio, which continues to run until present day time in our story.
Chuck, on the other hand, becomes a director for Warner Brothers Studios for the next thirty years, until his retirement in London in 1983.

Feel free to comment
( John )

Friday, July 16, 2010

Series Progress

After cleaning up Rutherferds design a couple of times, I began work on Chuck's model sheet, he's turning out great, I think. He's a caricature of Abe Vagoda, as I have said way too many times probably. Linda's model sheet is next.
Remaining cast
1.Garson, the head vilain so to speak
2.Felix, Chuck's past comrade
3.And Robert, the slow, old, but likeable comedy relief vilain.
Once those are complete, let the casting begin, voice direction that is!
Then, finaly! I begin my first storyboard.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wow, tthird one today

I streamlined his head, added a bow tie

Another squirrel

I didn't spend as much time cleaning this one up, so it's rough, but here's a slimmer, more expressive version

A slight, cough, cough, variation

Well, here he is again folks. This time, he's a squirrel....what more can I say, I was taken for a loop when I had to change the character. As much as I wanted a rabbit, I think it was for the best that we used a different physical persona. This decision came after Madeline, whom I basically consider co-director now, Re drew that generic rabbit i uploaded yesterday. The outcome was the same as almost every other cartoon rabbit, Bugs, with slight variation. So, she suggested a squirrel. And I drew him as such, different, but I think it's going in a better direction. Thanks to Madeline Osborne for her help. And a little update. The animator who, up until now, I've referred to as Launchpad20, has told me his name. We may now call him Marc. Welcome Marc. And good luck in the field of animation.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Generic Bunny

Well, the title says it all. I drew this very rough sketch of Rutherferd today. He's in his starting stages, we'll see how he evolves

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Keeping receipts for dumbies

Wanted to return the Cartooning for dumbies book to get Preston Blair's book, but i didn't keep the receipt

Friday, July 2, 2010


Picked up a cartooning for dumbies book yesterday, after seeing Toy Story 3, which was AWESOME, to help with my basic skills

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Just finished working on a basic character design for Rutherferd. It's a good clash between traditional and modern design style.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Update on series overall progress

So, today i have accomplished writing a test script for one of the main characters, aside from that one, i have a few episode treatments. But, I've gotten a little ahead of myself. I still need to actually design these characters. I have ideas, it's the journey to paper that's troublesome. I'll eventually get it though. Once the actual characters are down, I'll storyboard the first script. Casting for voices is around the corner. So, if your interested in Voice Over for this series, let me know.


No, not with a cartoon, but i did finish the first rough draft. It's basically a vehicle for Rutherferd to be as frustrating as possible. I won't post it here, but i thought I'd just celebreate.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yay, a small crew!!!

It is with great delight that i introduce the first few members of our crew.
1.Philmister978 of toonzone fame!!! A web comics designer, and apparently accomplished web voice actor and writer. Welcome to the crew Phil
2.Kaleb, my friend, and somewhat writer, and voice actor, is back on with the project. He is also currently working on an anime with some of his long time crew that started with a simple role playing game, and has escalated into a gripping, and dramatic storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. But wants to take a stab at comedy.
3.Launchpad20, well, that's about all I know about him. But he said if he could he might help out with the show as an animator. He has some impressive simple flash animations on youtube.
4.Madeline Osborne, met this helper on yahoo answers in search of a crew. She was the only one to reply, but she promises to be bunches of help in the future. An ex Radio Personality, she runs her own website and message board, check it out
Welcome all, and here's to a fun and successful journey.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I havne't posted anything in a while. So what am i currently doing? Well, for one i am compiling some basic episodes, just some more treatments, and I'm also trying to design the basic characters. I can draw somewhat but I'm not the best artist. I've also started to work out what kind of voice each character calls for. If you are interested in helping out just email me.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Log Lines

"Follow the comedic Adventures of a modern traveling variety show as they war with the rivaling show, who has a deep past with their show's Director."

"The Members of an American Traveling Sketch show make their rounds all over the country's many colorful and diverse cities to get that show booked. But have to constantly face a bitter and jealous rivaling group who just happen to be out for revenge on the director of the other's show."

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Scratch that..

After talking to a very helpful John P. McCann, I've decided to start from the bottom, and work my way up.
Here is a sample log line:
"When the director of a traveling show wants to make it big in america, he must first confront his slightly depressing past with the opposing show who will stop at nothing to shut them down."
Just a test, many more will come in the next few days.
So, here is my next attempt on a full summary, using a sort of 'checklist'
1.Who are the characters?
Short Answer-The members of a traveling show

Long Answer-They are the three members of an american traveling show. The Director of the group is Chuck Fesant; An old timer who is as sharp as a tack when it comes to entertainment, and wants to bring back the spirit of performance, and clever writing back to america. Rutherferd; the show's main actor (Note, the group has several actors, but i'm just talking about the main characters), a sly, smart, witty, high spirited rabbit who wants nothing more than to please everyone around him, but sometimes tries too hard. Linda; the main writer for the show, a very focused rabbit who takes a lot of pride in her work, and doesn't like to put up with nonsense, but somehow, wound up in a group with Rutherferd.

2.What do they want?
To make it big in america

3.What stops them from getting it?
A competing traveling show, also the heads of a major movie studio, has a past with Chuck Fesant.

4.Who are these characters to each other?
Rutherferd and Linda went to college together, they were originally are from London, but moved to america when they wanted to start a show, which is how they met chuck who was a retired director and wanted to get back in directing, story and sketch writing so he tagged along with them.

A short, and better approach then my previous posts. In the next few days, or months, i have to get them back from a friend of mind, I'll post a treatment of my first episode. It explains a little bit better the relationship between the main characters, and i don't want to give too much away now, so i'll try to have them up soon.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Review, and redo.

After reading back over my post, particularly my past one, I've decided that better explanation is needed. During the past few days, I've reorganized the concept, and cleaned up some of the details.
Beginning with the characters, and humor. The humor in the show is derived from many things, but my favorite parts are the exaggerated, sometimes stereotypical personalities. The ironic situations help the characters play off of each other. And that helps add to the emotions and motives of the characters. I've also thought that the two main characters, Rutherferd and Linda may not end up being rabbits. They'll be some creature, but I'm not exactly sure what. Next, our other main character, Chuck. Chuck, the director in the show, is layed back, serious, and sometimes high strong and short tempered. He knows what he wants and desires but is also sacrificial to others, adding to the connection of viewers to the characters. Chuck is creative, but wish washy, often changing the scripts and story, even in the middle of shooting. This then produces comedy consisting of Rutherford versus Chuck.
Which brings me to my next point, Rutherford. Rutherford went to college with Linda. So he has always known her. The point of Rutherford was to create a funny man that universally annoys and plays off of everyone. He is literal, and has a short attention spand, But, he isn't dumb either. When Rutherferd needs to be, he can be cunning and sly (and quite often witty) Ironicaly though he doesn't always mean to be. He is happy, almost always, an optimist one might say. He's quiet, most of the time, unless spoken to, or when he's acting. Rutherferd has his caring side, when he ralizes what he's done wrong, he wants to apologize, but then he plays a joke on them imediately after, and the person he conflicts with gets frustrated and angry, for comedic relief of course.
Consider this part one of a slightly improved summary. If you have any questions, comments, or just want to talk to me for whatever reason, email me at,, or, better yet, IM me at, yep you guessed it, lbrown21494 on AIM.
Please keep in mind that my archived stories and concepts aren't near as jumbled, and unorganized as they appear. I post these from my iPod, making really uncomftorable to focus on what I'm typing, I make imstakes sometimes, and things turn out like a ramble. So, before I go on much longer, addios,
contact me please.

Friday, May 21, 2010


I know that the few people that have seen this blog might be thinking that There is simply too much depth for this to be a simple cartoon. Keep in mind that this stuff isn't in your face and that it is as subtle as any other cartoon or story. I have been studying the works of some of the best writers, and animators to help influence how the humor in my show will be. It will be classic, it won't be Politically Correct, but it also won't be mean, dirty, or use cheep writing tricks like cut-aways (Well, only occasionally use cut-aways anyway.) Everything i write i want it to be clean, but not dumbed down. The best comparison i can think of is a show like Animaniacs. The writers never dumbed down their writing for the show and almost never worried about being insensitive. They just wrote whatever they thought was funny, without being secular. I'm not ripping off animaniacs though, but it will have some wit to it. Anyway, enough rambling. The shows humor is based off of slapstick, whit, just classic comedy in general. The situations are absurd, and the characters jump off screen( Keep a net handy).

Monday, May 10, 2010


Concept and Basic Story:
A traveling variety show wants to make it big in America and someday work in Hollywood. They want to leave a major impact on society, just like the golden age of cinema did. Our three main characters include Rutherford Paws, a very hyper active rabbit who happens to be a phenomenal actor, Linda, another rabbit, the writer, and Chuck, the Director(he’s human). Our characters make their rounds all over the country and are at constant war with a rivaling variety show who is in deep connection to our director.
The theme in this story is that in order for true art to be made, sacrifices have to be made. There has to be a good balance between the creative mind, social pressure, and publicity. There also seems to be a running theme about trust and greed, and its impact on close groups of friends and even family. Chuck is a very troubled man at heart and has a past with our antagonist. Felix, the main henchman of the antagonist, is in the same predicament. But let us travel back shall we?
Back-story, antagonist/Chuck:
It’s the boom of the talking pictures in the thirties, and there is one national movie sensation, that happens to be the very young version of our antagonist, and chuck. They write the best stuff and are instantly adored by the entire nation, but all this greed goes to the main antagonist’s head. He wants to do anything to make more, and more money, even at the expense of the other members and the quality of their work. So him, and chuck start feuding over values and principle. He and Felix both know what’s right, but Felix is to scared to say anything about it. Everything him and Chuck ever learned about writing, acting, and directing they learned from Garson, the head of the group. Chuck then leaves the group and struggles with his films for a few years, then he made great ones for the remainder of his film career until he settled down and moved to London to become a reporter. Why London? He likes the accents. After about ten years he goes into retirement, until he decides that he’d like to go back to America, direct, and even try to make amends with his group. He reads in a news paper one day, that there will be tryouts for a director’s position as part of a group that is forming a… variety show. So he goes and tries out, and sure enough, he gets the spot. The group now leaves for America, the land of opportunity. In America, they learn of the old variety show’s success, and learn that all cast members are alive and the head of a movie studio. Little does Chuck realize, that the group wants to get revenge back on him and his success.

Monday, April 19, 2010

About this project.

I'm creating a very interesting cartoon series, as i develop it, i will post the progress here.
The series revolves around three main characters that are the main developers for a traveling variety show.( I will make seperate posts for each of the characters) The conflict is derived from them trying to book a show, but always having rediculous strughles and obstacles to overcome before doing so. Along with that, there is another traveling show constantly trying to get all the shows, or ruining their chances of ever getting booked.