Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Antagonists

These are the basic personalities for our antagonists

The year is 1929, and Onward Revue is the most popular comedy and acting group in the country.
There are five members to the group; Garson, Felix, Chuck Fesant, Roscoe, and Erny.
Garson is the main Producer, writer, and agent for the group. Garson is smart, very smart.He taught the others in the group nearly everything they know, and has known them basically there whole life, and his. He is like family to them, and knows good writing when he sees it. He is intimidating to others, and likes to keep to himself. Which is why he never performs live in the shows. And even though he is smart, he may be too smart as we will find out in the show. Remember, he is the reason that the group almost dissapeared entirely.
The next member is Felix. If you know what Chuck is like, you'll know that Felix is very much like him, not brothers, but close. He is kind, gentle, but rough looking. He isn't as daring as Chuck is, and avoids confrontation at all costs. He knows what is right, but simply doesn't want to disappoint anyone he looks up to, no matter what they do. Especially Garson. When it comes to trying to back away from something he doesn't feel is right, he may retreat, and not want to upset the person who is causing the problem.
Chuck is almost the opposite in that area. He knows what's right, and he does what's right even if it means compromising his relationship with those closest to him. He is made happy by the people that surround him. He doesn't expect much from anybody, but likes to believe the best in everyone around him. As much as he'd like for everyone to do what is right, and fair. He knows that that isn't always the case. His life was hard, and he takes dissapointment for face value, they did something wrong, they aren't sorry for what they did, and would easily do the same thing twice, he may forgive them in the end. He easily forgives anybody, but can't always return to the situation before. He is responsible for his actions. He is strong, even in his old age, like a rock.
The last two characters of the antagonists are the real comedians, Rosco and Erny. They were as funny as the Marx Brothers, if not funnier at the time. They grew up together as brothers, and stick together no matter what. They are in sync, even in their old age, when Erny is slightly deaf, he always understands Roscoe, when he can't understand anyone else fully. Erny is made happy by the small things in life, he's cheerful, and sweet. You almost wonder why he's part of the antagonists. Roscoe is also like that, but sharper, and a little more competent in his activities.
I'll explain the story behind the group another time. However, I will say this. Chuck leaves the group because of Garson, and tried to get the group to leave with him. As much as they wanted to, they didn't, they didn't because they respected Garson as their Mentor too much, even though what he was doing to them was detrimental. The group struggles up until Garson changes the entire face of their recently founded movie studio, which continues to run until present day time in our story.
Chuck, on the other hand, becomes a director for Warner Brothers Studios for the next thirty years, until his retirement in London in 1983.

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