Thursday, February 24, 2011

I've done a lot of thinking

It has been over a year since my friend, Kaleb, and I said let's make a cartoon. Boy, was it the best decision I ever made in my life, well, next to accepting Christ of course! The concept was basically the same from the beginning. "A variety show travelling the country is in constant battle with rival comedy troupe, hilarity ensues." But how it has changed since then. The characters have quite possiblly changed the most, becoming deeper, more real, appealing, and interesting since their start as basic stereotypes. This year has been extremely important to me, specifically it has supplemented my tastes and helped me realize my overall viewpoint of the world, as of now.

My goal has never been to become popular, but maybe to entertain at least a few people, and give lasting impressions on viewers who love the characters as much as I do. I wanted to do something different than what most people are doing in cartoons nowadays, be it pop culture references, dark characterless humor, (though, I did have a problem with fourth wall breaking at one point.) The staples of such "classics" as Family Guy. Anyway, it has been a long time since I've posted, just thought the four people reading the blog would like to know what's going on in production.

The storyline is almost solid and ready, the characters are eager to be animated, and my hand is reluctant to produce the level quality drawings I want it to. The character's designs are changing all the times, always in hopes of becoming as appealing as I need them to be.

Always learning, always working, everyday brings a new reward, here's to a completed first episode

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's official

You heard it here folks, I've officialy filed for copyright over everything, or atleast started.
Stay away you thieves!

Color test

Here's Rutherferd and Linda in a color test

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Rutherferd sketch

Here is a more recent interpretation of Rutherferd. Tomorrow, a color test of both Rutherferd AND Linda.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello people

How's it going folks, I'm constantly working at this. It is very amazing to me how fast this series has progressed over the past few months. I've already completed my first gif (with a lot of help from Madeline of course)
I'll post it soon! I promise.

Many changes and advancements to the series as a whole have taken place in the past few weeks in particular. The most noteable changes are the setting of time, I've bumped it up from the eighties into modern day times. I'm quickly learning how my humor is going to play out. I think, or hope would probably be a better word to use, that it will be enjoyable.

Here are the characters in the list so far;

1. Rutherferd Paws, the lead, or so he thinks
2. Linda, the oh so misunderstood writer (she isn't a whiner, don't worry, she's way more interesting)
3. Chuck Fesant, the director, who isn't completely washed up
4. Felix, Chuck's closest friend, and voice of reasoning
5. Roscoe and Erny, the comedy duo who's still got it....whatever it was
5. Garson, our main antagonist, he'll have to learn the hard way that revenge never works like you want it to, and that it really is pointless in the end.

I also have been working on a few side characters that appear everywhere, mostly as comedic fillers, but entertaining none the less.

That's all for now folks

Monday, August 9, 2010

New member, and progress

Well, I'd make a good pun to say that the newest member of our crew is a keeper...
Welcome Keeper! (Ron)
He proves to be a great gag writer, as well as a more than competent voice actor.
And on a side note, my art is all coming together. I'm seeing just how important things like line of action, clear siloughet, and appealing construction work together to create a pose. The character models are constantly being cleaned up into good designs. And I'd just like to take a moment to stop and really thank everyone who's helping my vision become a reallity.
John, you have really prevented me from giving up on this project, you and Madeline Osborne are really dragging the good writer and artist out of me. I want y'all to know just how much I apreciate that, I can hardly put my grattitude into words.
And the people who will really bring this project to life, in a matter of speaking, my animators Mark, and Phill. Without your help, this project would sit for much longer than it should.
and now, Keeper, I want to thank you in advance for any help you give.
And most of all, God, I would have no other inspiration in life to do anything, let alone create a well crafted piece of art.

Gratsi to everyone!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Antagonists

These are the basic personalities for our antagonists

The year is 1929, and Onward Revue is the most popular comedy and acting group in the country.
There are five members to the group; Garson, Felix, Chuck Fesant, Roscoe, and Erny.
Garson is the main Producer, writer, and agent for the group. Garson is smart, very smart.He taught the others in the group nearly everything they know, and has known them basically there whole life, and his. He is like family to them, and knows good writing when he sees it. He is intimidating to others, and likes to keep to himself. Which is why he never performs live in the shows. And even though he is smart, he may be too smart as we will find out in the show. Remember, he is the reason that the group almost dissapeared entirely.
The next member is Felix. If you know what Chuck is like, you'll know that Felix is very much like him, not brothers, but close. He is kind, gentle, but rough looking. He isn't as daring as Chuck is, and avoids confrontation at all costs. He knows what is right, but simply doesn't want to disappoint anyone he looks up to, no matter what they do. Especially Garson. When it comes to trying to back away from something he doesn't feel is right, he may retreat, and not want to upset the person who is causing the problem.
Chuck is almost the opposite in that area. He knows what's right, and he does what's right even if it means compromising his relationship with those closest to him. He is made happy by the people that surround him. He doesn't expect much from anybody, but likes to believe the best in everyone around him. As much as he'd like for everyone to do what is right, and fair. He knows that that isn't always the case. His life was hard, and he takes dissapointment for face value, they did something wrong, they aren't sorry for what they did, and would easily do the same thing twice, he may forgive them in the end. He easily forgives anybody, but can't always return to the situation before. He is responsible for his actions. He is strong, even in his old age, like a rock.
The last two characters of the antagonists are the real comedians, Rosco and Erny. They were as funny as the Marx Brothers, if not funnier at the time. They grew up together as brothers, and stick together no matter what. They are in sync, even in their old age, when Erny is slightly deaf, he always understands Roscoe, when he can't understand anyone else fully. Erny is made happy by the small things in life, he's cheerful, and sweet. You almost wonder why he's part of the antagonists. Roscoe is also like that, but sharper, and a little more competent in his activities.
I'll explain the story behind the group another time. However, I will say this. Chuck leaves the group because of Garson, and tried to get the group to leave with him. As much as they wanted to, they didn't, they didn't because they respected Garson as their Mentor too much, even though what he was doing to them was detrimental. The group struggles up until Garson changes the entire face of their recently founded movie studio, which continues to run until present day time in our story.
Chuck, on the other hand, becomes a director for Warner Brothers Studios for the next thirty years, until his retirement in London in 1983.

Feel free to comment
( John )