About this project in full

For as long as I can remember, I have loved cartoons, they have been an enormous part of my childhood, as well as a part of inspiration for what I want to do in life, write, act, draw, and of course, make cartoons. I want to show the world my ideals, while showing them good, funny, well thought out entertainment. So, I have begun production on my very first series entitled, "Onward Revue". The show centers around a traveling variety show consisting of the three main characters, as well as a wide variety of creative and colorful personalities. Aside from them, we have the antagonist, who have a deep connection with one of the protagonist. The plot centers around the main characters, as they make their rounds all over the country, always trying to get that next show booked! You encounter a wide array of different settings, with each section of the country, with many new characters along the way. But, humor aside, you learn about what the entertainment industry, as well as fame, and popularity can do to friends and family, you learn about the negatives of greed,and the importance of reaching out to the people that surround you in life. But, you learn this in a way that is appealing, and in a way that really means something to you. I'm not giving you cheesy, over-dramatic, and cliche story lines, and characters,I'm giving you well rounded appealing personalities, who each have something like able about them on a certain level. If you're reading this, all I ask from you is that you give your support to me and the members of my crew, and that you try to give my show a chance when it's out. Basically, I just want you to follow my blog at the least. I don't get money for it, i just want it for the morale. However, with that said, if you want to help with something, wether it be drawing, voice acting, writing, or some other way, like advertising, and spreading the word, just shoot me an email at lbrown21494@gmail.com