Monday, May 24, 2010

Review, and redo.

After reading back over my post, particularly my past one, I've decided that better explanation is needed. During the past few days, I've reorganized the concept, and cleaned up some of the details.
Beginning with the characters, and humor. The humor in the show is derived from many things, but my favorite parts are the exaggerated, sometimes stereotypical personalities. The ironic situations help the characters play off of each other. And that helps add to the emotions and motives of the characters. I've also thought that the two main characters, Rutherferd and Linda may not end up being rabbits. They'll be some creature, but I'm not exactly sure what. Next, our other main character, Chuck. Chuck, the director in the show, is layed back, serious, and sometimes high strong and short tempered. He knows what he wants and desires but is also sacrificial to others, adding to the connection of viewers to the characters. Chuck is creative, but wish washy, often changing the scripts and story, even in the middle of shooting. This then produces comedy consisting of Rutherford versus Chuck.
Which brings me to my next point, Rutherford. Rutherford went to college with Linda. So he has always known her. The point of Rutherford was to create a funny man that universally annoys and plays off of everyone. He is literal, and has a short attention spand, But, he isn't dumb either. When Rutherferd needs to be, he can be cunning and sly (and quite often witty) Ironicaly though he doesn't always mean to be. He is happy, almost always, an optimist one might say. He's quiet, most of the time, unless spoken to, or when he's acting. Rutherferd has his caring side, when he ralizes what he's done wrong, he wants to apologize, but then he plays a joke on them imediately after, and the person he conflicts with gets frustrated and angry, for comedic relief of course.
Consider this part one of a slightly improved summary. If you have any questions, comments, or just want to talk to me for whatever reason, email me at,, or, better yet, IM me at, yep you guessed it, lbrown21494 on AIM.
Please keep in mind that my archived stories and concepts aren't near as jumbled, and unorganized as they appear. I post these from my iPod, making really uncomftorable to focus on what I'm typing, I make imstakes sometimes, and things turn out like a ramble. So, before I go on much longer, addios,
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