Friday, May 21, 2010


I know that the few people that have seen this blog might be thinking that There is simply too much depth for this to be a simple cartoon. Keep in mind that this stuff isn't in your face and that it is as subtle as any other cartoon or story. I have been studying the works of some of the best writers, and animators to help influence how the humor in my show will be. It will be classic, it won't be Politically Correct, but it also won't be mean, dirty, or use cheep writing tricks like cut-aways (Well, only occasionally use cut-aways anyway.) Everything i write i want it to be clean, but not dumbed down. The best comparison i can think of is a show like Animaniacs. The writers never dumbed down their writing for the show and almost never worried about being insensitive. They just wrote whatever they thought was funny, without being secular. I'm not ripping off animaniacs though, but it will have some wit to it. Anyway, enough rambling. The shows humor is based off of slapstick, whit, just classic comedy in general. The situations are absurd, and the characters jump off screen( Keep a net handy).

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