Monday, May 10, 2010


Concept and Basic Story:
A traveling variety show wants to make it big in America and someday work in Hollywood. They want to leave a major impact on society, just like the golden age of cinema did. Our three main characters include Rutherford Paws, a very hyper active rabbit who happens to be a phenomenal actor, Linda, another rabbit, the writer, and Chuck, the Director(he’s human). Our characters make their rounds all over the country and are at constant war with a rivaling variety show who is in deep connection to our director.
The theme in this story is that in order for true art to be made, sacrifices have to be made. There has to be a good balance between the creative mind, social pressure, and publicity. There also seems to be a running theme about trust and greed, and its impact on close groups of friends and even family. Chuck is a very troubled man at heart and has a past with our antagonist. Felix, the main henchman of the antagonist, is in the same predicament. But let us travel back shall we?
Back-story, antagonist/Chuck:
It’s the boom of the talking pictures in the thirties, and there is one national movie sensation, that happens to be the very young version of our antagonist, and chuck. They write the best stuff and are instantly adored by the entire nation, but all this greed goes to the main antagonist’s head. He wants to do anything to make more, and more money, even at the expense of the other members and the quality of their work. So him, and chuck start feuding over values and principle. He and Felix both know what’s right, but Felix is to scared to say anything about it. Everything him and Chuck ever learned about writing, acting, and directing they learned from Garson, the head of the group. Chuck then leaves the group and struggles with his films for a few years, then he made great ones for the remainder of his film career until he settled down and moved to London to become a reporter. Why London? He likes the accents. After about ten years he goes into retirement, until he decides that he’d like to go back to America, direct, and even try to make amends with his group. He reads in a news paper one day, that there will be tryouts for a director’s position as part of a group that is forming a… variety show. So he goes and tries out, and sure enough, he gets the spot. The group now leaves for America, the land of opportunity. In America, they learn of the old variety show’s success, and learn that all cast members are alive and the head of a movie studio. Little does Chuck realize, that the group wants to get revenge back on him and his success.

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